Buccal midazolam training is one of our most popular courses. So if you’re thinking of getting some buccal midazolam training for your or your team, this blog is a good place to start…

As anyone who has cared for, lived, or worked with someone who has epilepsy knows, seizures are scary. The longer the seizure lasts, the more damage it can do – and the less likely it will be to respond to medical intervention. So, knowing that you have the means to help stop the seizure as safely and as quickly as possible is hugely reassuring. That’s what buccal midazolam training is all about.

Why is buccal midazolam training so important?

Most seizures stop on their own, but in some, a seizure or series of seizures can become an acute medical emergency, requiring a 999 call and admission to intensive care.

That’s why buccal midazolam training is so important.

Administering buccal midazolam correctly can stop a seizure, reducing the likelihood that the person will need to go to hospital and causing far less disruption to their life.

But you have to know what you’re doing…

Buccal midazolam training – the basics

  • You’ll learn to identify all the signs of seizures so that you can manage the event appropriately.
  • You’ll learn how to give buccal midazolam – using the applicator to administer the dose correctly between the gums and cheek.
  • You’ll learn how to monitor the person once you have given the dose.
  • You’ll learn how to keep staff safe as well as keeping the person with epilepsy safe.

Meeting all your responsibilities

If your service is likely to require staff to administer the buccal midazolam, you’ll have all sorts of responsibilities. For example,

  • You’ll need to ensure that you’re acting in accordance with their prescription and their emergency care plan.
  • You’ll need to ensure you can evidence staff knowledge about midazolam and their competency to administer it.

Buccal midazolam training will cover all of these issues (and more). Equally importantly, it will give you the confidence that you and your staff know exactly what you’re doing. That’s a must when your reaction can have such a profound impact on the outcome.

You also need to be aware of the possible side effects and understand what you’ll need to do in case of an adverse reaction. We’ll talk it all through with you.

Ongoing buccal midazolam training

The treatment of epilepsy isn’t static. As we continue to learn more about the causes of epilepsy, so treatment regimens can change – sometime in subtle ways, sometimes in more fundamental ways. That’s why ongoing training and refresher courses are so important. Indeed, guidelines recommend training updates every two years.

Buccal midazolam training from Epilepsy Awareness Ltd

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