Electricity – The film

Electricity Film Tie in Book CoverThe author Ray Robinson contacted me over ten years ago. He was planning to write a fictional book where the main character had epilepsy. Ray asked me if I would like to share my experiences of living with epilepsy as part of his research for the book.

I duly sent him my story of living with temporal lobe epilepsy, complete with the highs and lows.

The book was published in 2006. I rushed out to buy the book but actually couldn’t read it – in fact it took me years to get around to reading it. What pushed me was the fact that it was going to be made into a film. Psychologically, I think I was afraid – that the book would reflect my experiences too closely.

Lily O’Connor is 30 years old and struggles alone with her seizures. Estranged from her mother and two brothers for many years, Lily is drawn back to her mother; and to the place she grew up in as her mother passes away.

Reunited with her brother Barry and with an inheritance to share between the three siblings, the story follows Lily’s journey to find her lost brother Mickey.

What I really identified with, in the book, is the persistent determination that propelled Lily. Despite the unpredictable and constant seizures Lily presses on.

I was invited to the British Film Industry’s London Film Festival to watch one of the first viewings of Electricity. Former Vogue model, actress Agyness Deyn plays the lead as Lily. She is truly courageous and magnificent. Skilfully and insightfully Agyness portrays the determined and tough yet vulnerable woman, Lily O’Connor.

Director Bryn Higgins encapsulates the book and dazzlingly demonstrates the unpredictability of the seizures and the indignity of living with epilepsy.

I really liked the fact that it is a very British film. Great shots of London.

Nice one British Film Industry and the Wellcome Trust for the funding of this amazing film that I hope will help others to understand what living with uncontrolled seizures is about.

Ray Robinson is currently working on a sequel. Lily will have brain surgery for her epilepsy and Ray has asked me to help him once again with the research.

Sally Gomersall

Epilepsy Awareness

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