Our Story

Epilepsy Awareness Limited supplies face to face epilepsy training courses in your workplace to help raise standards and promote best practices. We enable health, social care, education, and business sectors to have suitably trained, skilled, and knowledgeable staff and exceed regulatory requirements.

Created by Sally Gomersall to improve the understanding of the epilepsies, we have built a reputation for training that is professional, reliable, up-to-date and authentic.

Sally has real life experience living with uncontrolled seizures. Eventually she accessed the optimal NHS treatment for her type of epilepsy that stopped all of the seizures.

Sally has represented the views and perspectives of children, young people and adults with epilepsy and their families in developing NHS best practice clinical guidance for the diagnosis and management of the epilepsies. Currently, Sally is a lay member of a multi-disciplinary epilepsy group that will publish new NHS guidance for the Diagnosis and Management of the Epilepsies in 2021.

“Through sharing my difficulties living with epilepsy comes understanding, and through understanding comes change. Improving the understanding of the epilepsies is critical to ensuring children, young people and adults with epilepsy can thrive and achieve their full potential; and our training courses is just one way we achieve this.”

Sally Gomersall