We can’t talk about us without talking about you. So on this page, you’ll find out…

  • What you’re going to get out of working with us.
  • Why your staff will enjoy training with us.
  • Why you’ll find our approach to epilepsy training different from every other training provider.

Epilepsy Awareness Ltd – our mission

Buccal midazolam Training provided by Epilepsy Awareness Epilepsy Awareness Ltd works nationally to improve the lives and opportunities of vulnerable people with epilepsy. We know that one of the best ways of improving the lives of people with epilepsy is to train the people who work with them.

But, we also know that box-ticking training courses don’t work…

So when you or your staff come on one of our courses, you’ll enjoy an informative, educational and, above all, interesting course.

Working with us won’t just give you the technical understanding you need – to help you identify seizures or administer Epistatus© or Buccolam© midazolam, it will help you understand, empathise and offer respectful care to people with epilepsy.

What our course participants tell us

“So interesting. More in-depth than any I have attended.”

“Very helpful to have a trainer with previous experience of epilepsy.”

“Gave me a really good insight into how someone with epilepsy feels.”

“I knew nothing about epilepsy, now I feel comfortable working around epilepsy.”

Q: What makes our approach to epilepsy awareness training so different?

A: Sally Gomersall!

There’s no one better qualified to talk to you or your staff about epilepsy. Sally developed temporal lobe epilepsy when she was 15-months old. In spite of ongoing anti-epileptic drug treatment, she had uncontrolled seizures into her young adulthood.

Sally’s seizures would have continued throughout her whole life if she hadn’t been able to access optimal NHS treatment:

“I asked for a referral to a specialist epilepsy centre where I knew there was a multi-disciplinary team that specialised in the treatment of adults with complex epilepsy.  Within nine months of seeing the specialist team all my seizures were stopped; my life and that of my family were changed forever for the better.   

Bringing her unique epilepsy insight to your training

Throughout my life with seizures the lack of public knowledge and understanding of my condition became increasingly apparent; sometimes people were fearful of me. I wanted to reduce the fear of epilepsy and increase understanding.”

That’s why Sally created Epilepsy Awareness Ltd. In 1998, two years after her treatment, she secured a start-up grant and put her unique insight to the best possible use – improving understanding of epilepsies and epilepsy care.

Life-changing epilepsy treatment

Epilepsy MedicinesSally is passionate about promoting better access to specialist NHS treatment.

“Had I not known about the specialist team or I’d not been so articulate, I probably would have not received the referral that changed my life. I want to reduce the inequity in access to specialist epilepsy centres for people with learning disability and epilepsy”

Sally was nominated by the epilepsy voluntary sector to represent people with epilepsy, their families and carers at the first ever Epilepsy Guideline Development Group on behalf of the National Institute for Clinical Excellence. With Sally’s help, the guidance and the update have led to better access to specialist centres for people with difficult to control seizures.