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Epilepsy awareness offers specialist training about epilepsy and Buccal MidazolamEpilepsy Awareness Limited is dedicated to providing face-to-face epilepsy training courses to workplaces. The focus on raising standards and promoting best practices is crucial in ensuring the well-being of vulnerable individuals with epilepsy. Our training enables services to exceed regulatory requirements and empowers participants to advocate for those they support.

Sally Gomersall’s personal experience living with uncontrolled seizures adds authenticity and provides unique insights and empathy.

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Advocacy - Epilepsy AwarenessSally Gomersall has extensive involvement in representing the views and perspectives of individuals with epilepsy and their families in developing NHS best practice clinical guidance. Her role as a lay advocate in the multi-disciplinary expert epilepsy group commissioned by NICE, which published guidance for the Diagnosis and Management of the Epilepsies in Adults, Children, and Young People, reflects her commitment to improving the standards of care for those affected by epilepsy.

Being a Specialist Committee Member in the update of the Epilepsy Quality Standards published in December 2023 by NICE emphasizes Sally’s dedication to quality improvement in health, public health, and social care. The Epilepsy Quality Standards play a vital role in highlighting areas of variation in current practice, with the aim of fostering positive changes.

If you have any specific questions or if there’s more information you’d like to share, feel free to provide additional details.