Epilepsy Awareness Ltd establishes long term, mutually beneficial partnerships between ourselves and our customers. We provide our customers with evidenced based epilepsy training and support to develop high quality care plans for individuals with epilepsy. We guarantee to enable our customers to demonstrate staff knowledge and competencies in caring for/ supporting people with epilepsy and administering buccal midazolam safely.

We work with both local and national organisations, of varying size. Our services deliver impact but not a huge bill. We work with businesses, charities and authorities’ that are growing and want to improve staff confidence and knowledge about the epilepsies.

If you are looking to attract vulnerable adults, young people or children with epilepsy to you service we can ensure you can demonstrate your skills and expertise.

We provide epilepsy training courses at your workplace or any other preferred venue.

Our aims are:

    • Ensure our customers develop practical skills and a firm knowledge base to enable them to provide a personalised service for individuals with epilepsy
    • To enable course participants to successfully support people with epilepsy in achieving their full potential.
    • To provide a unique and insightful perspective of living with epilepsy.

We are committed to:

    • Providing the best epilepsy training courses in the UK
    • Working nationally to improve access to specialist epilepsy services for vulnerable adults, young people and children with epilepsy.
    • Working with our customers to ensure our training courses meet the needs of their service and staff.

Our specialist epilepsy training service:

Most of our clients are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and have to show that they have suitably qualified, skilled and experienced persons employed for the purpose of carrying out the regulated activity. We provide our clients with our easy to use system to evidence competencies in the administration of buccal midazolam. We can also assist with developing policies for buccal midazolam and individual emergency epilepsy care plans.

All our courses contain only clinically evidenced knowledge and highly regarded personal experience of living with uncontrolled seizures.

At Epilepsy Awareness Ltd we are passionate about educating people about epilepsy. Over the last 15 years we have become the leading independent and specialist epilepsy training company in the UK.

What our clients say...

"I have received very positive feedback from the staff who attended. It has certainly changed attitudes especially towards students who have epilepsy but do not have seizures at college. It has raised awareness about the different types of seizures and how it may impact on the students and their lives. The delivery and pace were just right."

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